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Capturing results from 130,000 A/B tests.
Harness the collective wisdom of all A/B tests run across the internet. The prediction engine scrapes test data from the 34,000 websites that actively test. That data tells us what tests that will work for your site.
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scraper results
identify tests
The scraper detects multiple versions of the Unbounce homepage in March 2022, indicating they were probably running an A/B test.
Identify active A/B tests
by looking for changes.

The prediction engine scrapes the internet finding A/B tests and tracking the outcomes. It examine pages from multiple IP addresses looking for changes in the way a page is displayed, a tell-tale sign of an active test.

Cataloging differences between test arms.

The scraper compares the versions of the page to determine what is being tested.
Text and image recognition algorithms pinpoint the differences. The test is then categorized into a more general pattern.

scraper testsscraper tests
Page analysis showed both copy changes and image changes. The new headline is more benefit-focused. The new image is in the augmented reality style.
detecting winners
The allocation of traffic shifts from 50/50 to 100% of traffic going to the variation. This indicates the variant was likely the winner.
Detecting winners by monitoring changes in traffic allocation.

The scraper monitors changes in the traffic allocation between the test arms to determine which won. When 100% of traffic is allocated to a single arm, it indicates that a winner has been found.

Tests Captured
New Tests Per Month
Proven Test Patterns
Finding winning patterns for your site.
Test results are fed into a machine-learning algorithm to discover winning test patterns. Data is weighted based on factors like industry, goal type, and sample size to predict how the pattern will perform on your site.
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Spiralyze prediction engine uses test results from over 130,000 tests to find what will work on your website.
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