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Get 3X more wins by
proven winners.


The prediction engine harnesses
the collective wisdom of A/B tests
across 78,000 websites. It
scrapes tests,
tracks results, and
determines winning patterns for
your site.

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A/B test data scraped from 78,000 sites.

The prediction engine finds, scrapes, and tracks outcomes for every A/B test it finds running on the web.
It captures 8,000+ new tests every month. tested moving its Contact Sales form to the left. It won.

Analyzing data to find repeat winning patterns.

Individual tests are clustered together into similar patterns. When a pattern wins frequently, it is more likely to win on your site.

The scraper detected the Form on the Left pattern won 45 times,
did nothing 29 times, and lost 43 times.


Custom predictions for your website.

Predictions are customized for your website based on your industry, goal-type, and visitor type. Using an affinity model we overweight data from websites most like yours to see what will get your visitors to convert.

Know how likely a test is to win for you, the average lift when it wins, and how it should be prioritized.

For a SaaS client, Form on the Left has a 37% chance of winning and an
average lift of 16%.


Get faster results and
3X more
winning tests.

Running proven winning tests with Predictive CRO yields a 34% win rate, 3X the industry average of 11%. Clients get faster results, averaging a first win 25 days after kickoff.

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Client Results

Matt Boyce

“If we even improve conversion on our page by 1% or 2%, it would pay for the Spiralyze contract. Most of the tests we've run have improved conversion rates by 20-50% and they have tests mapped out for the rest of the year. It is not even close to what we could've done on our own and is significantly better.”

Bill Carney

“Spiralyze really jumpstarted the whole website testing program and process for us. They increased exponentially our qualified pro-conversions. More importantly, they acted as an extension of our team.”

Jason Yang

“Spiralyze helps us turn thousands of website visitors into leads for our sales force. They have tremendous experience and great suggestions.”

Rodolfo Yiu

“Through a number of page redesign tests we’ve seen test lifts between 40-90%”

Megan Gouveia

“We saw a 125% increase in conversion rate for demo requests.”

Pat Oldenburg

“We had aggressive KPI targets, and I'd have to say they've delivered on all points. On our landing pages, we've seen over a 30% conversion rate increase.
We have a lot of exciting initiatives for the next year and Spiralyze is at the core of a lot of these initiatives.”

Cadi Cadlecek

“Spiralyze reformatted our web pages, making them user friendly and highly conversional. We loved working with their team, they were so responsive and easy to work with! If things continue how they are - it's gonna have an amazing impact on our business.”