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Prediction Engine
Get 3X more wins by adapting proven winners
The prediction engine harnesses the collective wisdom of all A/B tests run on the web. It scrapes test results from 34,000 websites. Then, uses Machine Learning to cluster the data and find proven winning patterns for your site.
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Patriot tested this Bulletized Hero layout on their homepage. Our scraper detected it running from 06.19.21 to 10.21.21. The variant won. The scraper captures 12,000 tests like this every month, so you benefit from the global wisdom of all A/B tests.
Scraped A/B test data. From across the web.
The prediction engine scrapes the internet finding A/B tests and tracking the outcomes. It pulls data from the 34,000 websites that actively testing, capturing 12,000 new tests every month
Websites Scraped
New Tests Per Month
Proven Test Patterns
Cluster data to find proven. Winning patterns.
Individual test results are clustered into similar patterns. Multiple winning observations of the same pattern provide greater confidence that the pattern will be performant on your site.
The scraper has detected this Personal Headline 157 times in the last two years. It won 57 times, nothing-burgered 4 times, and lost 96 times.
For your website.

Predictions are customized for your website based on your industry, goal-type, and visitor characteristics. The prediction engine overweights data from websites most like yours to generate custom predictions.

Know how likely a test is to win for you, the average lift when it wins, and how you should prioritize the test.

Prediction engine
The distribution of results for this test pattern. For a B2B SaaS client, it has a 36% chance of winning, and an average lift of 7%.
34% Win Rate.
3X more wins results.
Running proven winning tests using Predictive CRO gets our clients enjoy a 34% win rate, 3X the industry average. Plus they get faster result, with a first win an average of 25 days after kickoff, and a longer runway.
Tests Launched (in first 90 days)
Test Win Rate
Average Lift
Testing using validated winners leads to 3X higher win rates than conventional testing.
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